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My 5 Favorite Cities In the World!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

With the world pretty much shutdown, it's hard to think about future travels at the moment. But I was reflecting on my past experiences and what great times I've had traveling over the years. So, I thought I would go ahead and talk about my 5 favorite travel destinations I have been to before and why I enjoyed them so much. I'll also be listing a few things you need to see or do while visiting these places. These are places I'd love to revisit once it is safe to do so; and hopefully some of you can visit for the first time! These are not in any particular order.

5) San Juan, Puerto Rico

Unfortunately, I only had one day in Puerto Rico, as I was there on a cruise. If I had it my way, I would never have gotten back on the ship and I would have spent the rest of the week there (just kidding, please always get back to the ship before sail away time). Seriously, though, I could have spent the whole week exploring the vibrant, colorful streets of old San Juan and walking the cobble stone streets of the old city. Castillo de San Cristobal and El Morro are must visits as well. While I was only there for a short time, and only caught a glimpse of all I wanted to experience, I still can confidently say that everyone should go out of their way to visit Puerto Rico. When I go again, I'm definitely going to hit some beaches and visit the El Yunque national forest.

4) London, UK.

Is it any surprise that I enjoyed London? It's quite touristy of course, one of the most visited cities on earth. But I think that's for good reason. The London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey are just a few of the many sights London had to offer. I also had time to visit Buckingham Palace and St. James Park. Unfortunately, I had limited time here, and I missed out on Kensington Palace, the Prince of Wales Theatre, and The British Museum. The truth is, no matter how much time you have, you'll never see everything in London. There are simply too many things to do and the city is far too huge to do everything. That's the beauty of it, though. There's something for everyone in London. It's a place not many people complain about, and I'm excited to visit again.

3) Vancouver, Canada

As far as a prime Canadian travel destination goes, you really can't go wrong with Vancouver. The pleasantly mild winter, hot summer, and beautiful autumn colors make this a place to visit all year round. On top of that, you have Stanley Park, the largest urban park in the

continent, which is a great place to get lost in nature and take some pictures. On top of this, the coastal city has fantastic beaches and a charming harbourfront walkway. Granville Island has an indoor market that's great for tasting some amazing foods as well as buying up some locally made handicrafts. The Capilano suspension bridge is very close to the city centre, which has fantastic nightlife and a food scene that cannot be rivaled by any other city in the country. No matter what you decide to do (and there are a multitude of things to do), Vancouver is a city that makes it easy to have a great time. Whether you like exploring big cities, trying amazing cuisine, or getting lost in nature, this city has something for everyone.

2) Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is a city many people skip during Switzerland trips in favor of Geneva, Lucerne, or the alps. While I agree all of those locations are absolutely worth your time, I think Zurich needs to be put on the map more. This is a great city that has interesting history, amazing nature, and a unique vibe. I had the pleasure of climbing Uetliberg (which I still can't pronounce) while I visited Zurich, and it was the best way I could have spent my time. The views from the top were simply priceless! This is a great way to spend a whole day if you have the time. The hike up was about an hour and a half, but not too difficult. You can take public transportation near the top of the mountain but I recommend hiking as it is not overly strenuous and it gives you some amazing views and immerses you in the nature of Switzerland. The hike down is about 45 minutes, but I stopped to take a few pictures. Even better the hike up is completely free! Not bad for visiting the mist expensive country in the world, right? Lake Zurich is breathtaking, and

the Grossmunster and Fraumunster cathedrals makes for a great photo op. Ultimately, Zurich is a great city, and I would love to visit again. Actually, I think I need to do a tour of all of Switzerland as there are so many locations in the country I'm dying to visit.

1) Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a city that feels like it's alive. Full of charm and soul, this is a place where you'll want to see and do everything, and take your time simultaneously. With great food, pleasant weather (even when I went in December), and interesting sights to see, Malaga is a city you need to put on your bucket list immediately. It would take me a long time to list everything I love about this city on the southern coast of Spain. With that said, I'll list as many as I can! Castillo Gibralfaro, the Alcazaba, Teatro Romano, and Malaga Cathedral are all extremely well preserved historical sites that you will need to visit as they are stunning. Malaga Park, Playa Malagueta, and Centre Pompidou are all amazing places for photos. Everywhere you go in this city, there are great places to eat, lively streets, and beautiful architecture.

I have many more than just 5 cities in the world that I would recommend visiting. These are simply the 5 that stick out to me as holding some of my best experiences. Maybe in the future I'll list 5 more places you all need to visit and why? In any case, I'd love to know what everyone else's favorite destinations are!

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