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Welcome to the New Blog!

Hi guys! Glad you found your way over here. My name is William, and well, I love to travel! Figured I'm about 10 years late to the world of blogging, but hey, better late than never! Whether you found your way here from my Instagram (@Wanderlust.William) or just stumbled upon this website, thank you for being here. I will be sharing travel pictures, tips, hacks, and guides on here. Along with that, I love food, movies, and music, so expect some posts revolving around those topics as well. For my first post, I thought I would share a little bit of background information to help you all get to know me a little bit better.

1) I went to college for tourism. I was so excited about travel in my teens that although I had hardly traveled, I knew I had to take travel & tourism in college. I felt as if it was my calling. And it was definitely the right decision. After graduating in 2019, I immediately landed a role as a Guest Services Ambassador for a major airline here in Canada. Despite being laid off in 2020 for some fairly obvious reasons, I am still glad for my time working there. Since then, I've been working hard on Instagram, as well as started investing! It's been a crazy ride so far, but I wouldn't do anything differently.

2) I didn't grow up all. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, I was raised close enough to the US border (think an hour and a half drive). Yet, I did not leave the province (or country) until I was 15 years old! In fact, I hardly travelled at all until I was around 21 years old. Yet, since I was 18, I felt like exploring the world and visiting as many countries as I could was just something that I was meant to do.

3) I had a botched back surgery in 2018 that left me unable to properly walk, sit down, or stand up for over a year and a half! A simple procedure to remove a small lipoma became a waking nightmare. My wound would not closed, I was subjected to an infection, and took a year off school to recover. After being healed in July 2019, I was officially declared healthy! But not long after being laid off from my dream job in April 2020, I found out I needed another surgery to properly correct the first one. Luckily, I had the procedure done by a different surgeon in September of 2020, with my recovery time being just 5 weeks. Needless to say, I would rather have my second surgery 5 times over again instead of having the first surgery even once again.

4) I'm a horror movie aficionado. My Letterboxd account (@Wonkru100) doesn't lie. Horror films are my absolute favorite. I watch them as often as I am able to and I am always looking for new recommendations. To send recommendations my way, add me on Letterboxd! My favorite streaming services are Shudder (unsurprisingly) and Netflix. A few of my favorite horror films are Anything For Jackson, Zombieland, and Silence of the Lambs. I also love Science Fiction as well as thrillers and comedies.

5) My favorite foods are sushi, pasta, and tacos/burritos. Some of my favorite cuisines include South African, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Greek. I'm not a picky eater, but I have a heavy aversion to carrots, celery, and onions. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to trying new foods, especially in Toronto or the surrounding region. To send me restaurant recommendations, email me or send me a message via Instagram!

Thank you all so much for reading; I'm looking forward to sharing some of my amazing travels on here.

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